Undergraduate Financial Aid

Undergraduate Financial Aid

As you and your family make decisions related to finances, we expect you to have questions about the cost of a private education. Reinhardt's Student Financial Aid counselors are committed to using our experience and expertise to help you. We want to make the application process easier by explaining, providing information and removing barriers. We want to help you learn all you can about your financial aid options and opportunities.

Reinhardt is among the most affordable private institutions in Georgia. For the 2015-2016 year, Reinhardt awarded approximately $8 million in institutional financial aid and almost 95% of Reinhardt undergraduate students received some form of financial aid.

The amount of aid you are eligible to receive depends on federal, state and Reinhardt criteria so you are strongly encouraged to apply for all aid programs. Many families are hesitant to complete certain forms because they assume they won’t qualify. Please don’t take that chance! You may use scholarships, grants, loans and/or student work to help pay educational costs.

We are here and ready to assist you. At the left are links to additional information and all the forms you’ll need. If you would like to talk with your Financial Aid Counselor, please give us a call, make an appointment, and/or drop us an email with any questions or concerns.


Office of Student Financial Aid

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