Faculty Services

Faculty Services

天天色综合,天天干影视The Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center provides services and resources to assist faculty in the instruction of students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Popular services for faculty include:


Reserve Procedures for Faculty

Instructors wishing to set aside materials including textbooks and DVDs are welcome to use the library's reserve system.

  • Both items owned by the library and a faculty member's personal copies may be placed on reserve. 
  • The typical reserve checkout length is 3 hours, however a student may keep an item overnight if the instructor prefers.
  • Those items placed on 3-hour reserve cannot be taken outside of the library by a student.
  • Photocopies of content are allowed, provided copyright laws are followed.

To request a course reserve

To request that an item be put on reserve for a course, please submit a Reserve Request Form (PDF)天天色综合,天天干影视 to the library, along with the materials.

Note: Please complete the form entirely to ensure accurate and timely processing.

To request an item be taken off reserve

To request an item be taken off reserve, please contact the library at 770.720.9120 or by e-mail at TAC@amandaromanielloblogs.com.

Library Instruction

天天色综合,天天干影视Library instruction, also known as information literacy or Bibliographic Instruction, BI, is an important part of the library's mission. Developing the skills needed to locate, evaluate and effectively incorporate new information is a life-long challenge and an important part of the education experience.

Library Instruction works well when presented in conjunction with a specific assignment so that the librarian can focus the instruction on particular sources, abstracts, indexes, electronic resources, and other types of informational materials that are used in the research and writing process. Library instruction is offered as part of the FYS101 Seminar in Critical Thinking class and in any other courses. The library will offer sessions to help students refine research skills or introduce a new resource.

How do I schedule a Library Information class?

Contact Joel Langford, Director of Library Services, at 770-720-5585 or by e-mail at jcl@amandaromanielloblogs.com.

What might be included in a Library Instruction, or BI session?

天天色综合,天天干影视BIs last 40 to 50 minutes and typically include a PowerPoint and/or live/hands-on demonstration. Time is allotted afterwards for some practice work and some one-on-one instruction.

天天色综合,天天干影视Some segments may be:

  • Basic Library Information
  • Navigating the Library Homepage
  • Finding Books and Articles
  • Printing, Remote Access
  • Organizing Research
  • Choosing a Topic
  • Advanced Searching of Databases
  • Resources Specific to an Assignment
  • Boolean Searching
  • Best Resources and Tools for Specific Topics
  • Evaluating Information
  • Scholarly or Popular Periodicals
  • Primary or Secondary Sources
  • The Web vs, Peer Reviewed Sources
  • Using Information Ethically
  • Plagiarism
  • Citing Sources
  • Copyright Issues


The Library maintains a Netflix account to provide DVDs to faculty for classroom use. Please use the following guidelines to request a movie from  through the Library account: 

  • Check to see if the Library owns the film that you need.  If the Library does not own the film that you need, please request that the library staff order the film at least one week prior to the date that you need it. The library staff will request the film from Netflix for you.

  • Place your Netflix request to Joel Langford by email at jcl@amandaromanielloblogs.com, by phone at 770.720.5585 or by visiting the library in person to make your request. The film will be coming via U.S. mail so please make your request at least one week prior to the date you need it.

  • 天天色综合,天天干影视The Library will request the film from Netflix for you. You will be notified when the film arrives or if the film is unavailable. 

  • 天天色综合,天天干影视 Once notified, you may pick the film up at the service desk in the library. 

  • Checkout period is for one week.* 

  • Return the film directly to the Library within the one-week check out period. 

    • 天天色综合,天天干影视If you exceed the one-week check-out period, still return the film to the Library.  Do not send it directly back to Netflix.

  • A film can be put on reserve for student viewing for one week and will be library use only. 

  • Some Netflix films are available via streaming. To stream Netflix in your classroom using the library account, please contact Joel Langford for instructions.

*Explanation of One-Week Check-Out Period and the Importance of Prompt Returns

天天色综合,天天干影视The Library has a limited number of films that it can borrow from Netflix at one time, so it is very important to adhere to the one week checkout period and to return your film on time. If we exceed our borrowing limit, we may not be able to honor others' request for films through Netflix. 

We here in the Library hope that our resources and our Netflix contract will fulfill your film needs. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Joel Langford at 770-720-5585 or JCL@amandaromanielloblogs.com 


To inquire about these and other ways in which the library may assist you as a faculty member, please contact the library staff at 770.720.9120 or library@amandaromanielloblogs.com .