Ways to Give

How can I support Reinhardt?

There are so many ways to give to Reinhardt University. The University welcomes gifts of all types and will work with you and your financial advisors to maximize your tax benefits and the value of your gift to the University.

Why Give to Reinhardt?

天天色综合,天天干影视An education at Reinhardt University is financed by three major sources of income: tuition, endowment and unrestricted gifts. Unrestricted gifts make up the difference between the actual cost of educating students and the amount the College can guarantee in tuition and endowment.

天天色综合,天天干影视While unrestricted funds are essential for providing the quality of education that has always been a tradition at Reinhardt, you may also choose to direct your gift for a specific purpose by establishing an endowed fund that will benefit students for generations to come. After reaching a designated level, earnings from the endowment will be used to fund scholarships and other programs.

In order to provide funds for major projects, the Advancement Staff seeks donors and foundations who are interested in supporting large undertakings of the College. All the projects were primarily funded by donations from individuals and foundations.

It is only through the generosity of friends, alumni, parents and foundations that the College is able to continue our tradition of providing a quality education in an environment of Christian caring.

Your gifts help to support

  • Purchase of equipment
  • Special scholarships
  • New programs
  • Faculty development
  • Major library purchases
  • Building renovations
  • Construction of new buildings

Monetary Donations

Monetary Donations

Your gifts can make a difference, whether you support the University with a gift of cash, check, money order or credit card.

How to Make Your Gift of Cash to Reinhardt University

There are many ways to Make Your Gift Today to Reinhardt University, including our newest option over this secured website. You may make your gift by credit card, check, money order, or even by giving appreciated stock or other real property. Simply choose the method that best suits your needs. 

We appreciate your support!

Make Your Gift Today Online
天天色综合,天天干影视Reinhardt University uses a third-party vendor to secure your online credit card gift.  Your gift will be processed immediately and you will receive email confirmation of your donation. Click below to make your gift online.

Make Your Gift by Mail
天天色综合,天天干影视If you prefer to send us your gift through standard mail, you may do so by sending your check to:

Reinhardt University
Office of Annual Giving
7300 Reinhardt Circle
Waleska, GA 30183

天天色综合,天天干影视Also, watch your mailbox for updates, magazines and other information that include a postage-paid envelope to send Reinhardt your gift! 

Not receiving mail from Reinhardt?  Update your information!

Make Your Gift By Phone
天天色综合,天天干影视If you would like to speak to a representative from the Office of Annual Giving about a gift or pledge, please call us weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. eastern standard time at 770-720-5507.

Gifts of Stock

天天色综合,天天干影视Your gift of stock could help provide valuable assistance to students at Reinhardt. Talk to your broker about transferring securities or contact the Office of University Advancement for more information.

Reinhardt University willingly accepts gifts of appreciated securities held by a bank or a broker.

天天色综合,天天干影视If you are interested in making a gift of stock to Reinhardt University, please notify us in advance of making your gift. This notice is important so that we can provide proper credit and timely acknowledgement of your donation. 

Either you or your broker should contact Jon Baesman, Vice President for Advancement at (770) 720-5545 or by email to jon.baesman@amandaromanielloblogs.com for instructions on how to complete a stock transfer.

Planned Giving

Create a legacy of giving at Reinhardt University by including the University in your last will and testament. The Office of University Advancement offers several planned gift instruments including life income gifts and bequests.

天天色综合,天天干影视You can support Reinhardt's tradition of excellence. Giving to Reinhardt is a way to show your belief in the power of a amandaromanielloblogs.comcation and in the promise of students, present and future. Not only will you realize your philanthropic goals, your gift to the University can also benefit your family and estate.

There are several ways you can support Reinhardt University and receive significant tax and financial benefits.  

Bequest — Name Reinhardt University in your will or trust, benefit your favorite office or area on campus, and you may save on your estate taxes.   

Life Income Arrangement — Receive an income stream for life and an immediate charitable deduction.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Charitable Lead Trust — Preserve your assets for your children, grandchildren, or others and provide support to Reinhardt University.

Retirement Plan Assets — Because these assets are subject to both income and estate taxation, they make a wise planned gift choice.

Reinhardt Legacy Society — Become an inaugural member of the Reinhardt Legacy Society.  Let us know you have made provisions in your will for 5 % of your Estate to benefit Reinhardt.  You will be recognized at all Legacy Society events.  For more information, contact the Advancement Office:  770-720-5545.

Life Insurance — This is an affordable way to make a significant gift to Reinhardt.

To learn more about how you can support Reinhardt's legacy, please contact the Office of Advancement at 770-720-5545. We'll be happy to work with you and your advisors to design a planned giving opportunity that meets your needs. Your generosity will enable Reinhardt to offer students an extraordinary and unforgettable liberal arts education.

Real Estate or Tangible Personal Property

天天色综合,天天干影视The University can accept gifts of real estate allowing you to make a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the real estate. Also, the University can accept gifts of personal property, such as paintings or furniture.

天天色综合,天天干影视Gifts of Real Estate are very useful to the College, however each gift is considered on a case by case basis.  In most instances, property, depending on the location, will be liquidated and the resulting funds used for the donor specified purpose or endowment. There are also several instances where, after donation of property to the College, the donor may retain a life interest in the donation.

The following conditions may serve as a guide for Real Estate Gifts: 

  1. The donor is responsible for obtaining an appraisal of the property.

  2. Prior to presentation to the Buildings & Grounds Committee, a member of the advancement/development staff (or a designated Real Estate broker) must conduct a visual inspection of the property.

  3. Prior to presentation to the B&G Committee, the donor should provide the following documents:

    1. 天天色综合,天天干影视Copy of the deed, with evidence that no liens or restrictions exist on the title of the property.

    2. Real estate tax bill

    3. 天天色综合,天天干影视Substantiation of zoning status

    4. 天天色综合,天天干影视Statement of condition improvements

    5. Environmental hazard or conditions statement

    6. 天天色综合,天天干影视Evidence that no violations of state, local or federal law exists on the property

  4. 天天色综合,天天干影视Gifts of Real Estate which have an attached maintenance fee or other monthly charge are not usually accepted by the College.  Examples are recreational property lots and/or parcels of land which are subject to landowners/association restrictions.

Gifts of dwellings that are accepted and moved to the College for permanent display or use are generally only approved with the following provisions: 1) the cost of dismantling, moving and reinstating the dwelling or structure must be borne by the donor. 2) The cost of upkeep, maintenance, utility and other prospective costs will be covered by an endowment from which the estimated general income is 5% per annum.  Example: A $1M endowment would generate $50,000 annual income for maintenance and other costs.

天天色综合,天天干影视Additionally, other gifts, such as fine art or other tangible properties can be donated to the College. Depending on the item, these gifts will either become part of the College's permanent collection or be auctioned to realize the capital needed to accomplish the donor's goal. Reinhardt has, through the generosity of many donors, amassed a substantial collection of paintings, sculpture and other valuable artifacts documenting the history of the area. If interested in speaking with someone about this category, please call the Office of Advancement : 770-720-5545 and we will be happy to discuss the options.

Instructions for Accepting Gifts in Kind

Reinhardt University graciously accepts donations of real and personal property that will help us in fulfilling our mission. In order to facilitate the proper recording and acknowledgement of such donations, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. The faculty, staff member, or affiliate of Reinhardt University should obtain a Gift in Kind Transmittal Form and a Deed of Gift Form for completion.

  2. The Deed of Gift Form is to be completed and signed by the donor.

  3. The Gift in Kind Transmittal Form天天色综合,天天干影视 is to be completed by the Reinhardt employee or affiliate who is accepting the gift on our behalf.

  4. Both forms must be submitted together to the Office of Institutional Advancement.

Failure to complete and submit both forms can result in delayed acknowledgements and a deterioration of donor confidence, therefore everyone's cooperation in the timely submission of these materials is greatly appreciated.

Matching Gifts

You can often double or even triple your gift to Reinhardt University with matching funds provided by your employer. Your company's personnel office can tell you whether this giving option is available for your company.

Give to a specific program

Arts and Humanities
The Arts and Humanities fund is a discretionary fund for use by the Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities to enhance the programs in this area.

Academic Support Office (ASO)
天天色综合,天天干影视The ASO fund, or Academic Support Office fund, provides scholarships to students who have a financial need and are in the ASO program. The ASO program provides supplementary instructional assistance to students with specific learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Disorders.

The athletics fund is a discretionary fund in support of Reinhardt Athletic Programs administered by the Athletic Director.

The Business Fund is a discretionary fund for use by the Dean of the McCamish School of Business to enhance the programs in this area.

Campus Ministry
The Campus Ministry Fund is a discretionary fund for use by the Campus Chaplain.

The Music fund is a discretionary fund for use by the Dean of the School of Performing Arts to enhance the programs in this area.

The Education Fund is a discretionary fund for use by the Dean of the Price School of Education to enhance the programs in this area.

Falany Performing Arts Center
The Falany Performing Arts Center fund supports performing arts programs at Reinhardt.

Funk Heritage Center
The Funk Heritage Center fund provides support to promote the understanding of Native American history and the pioneer experience in the Appalachians through a history museum and Appalachian Settlers village.

Library Enhancement
The Library Enhancement fund is a discretionary fund to provide for the expansion of library collections, furnishings, and computer technology.

Math and Science
The Math and Science fund is a discretionary fund for use by the Dean of the School of Math and Science to enhance the programs in this area.

Student Activities
The Student Activities fund is a discretionary fund for use by the Assistant Dean for Students and Director of Student Activities in the sponsorship of activities conducted by the Dudley L. Moore Jr. Office of Student Activities.

Gifts to the Endowment - Create a Legacy

Gifts to the Endowment - Create a Legacy

An endowment establishes a permanent fund which provides perpetual, annual support for Reinhardt University. Your gift to establish an endowment creates a lasting legacy in your name or in the name of someone you wish to honor or memorialize.

天天色综合,天天干影视Your endowment benefits a Reinhardt priority of your choice, or you may give the College discretion to apply the payout from your gift to one of its highest priorities.

The concept is simple:

  • All endowed funds are established by a written gift use agreement between the donor(s) and Reinhardt University;
  • Your gift is invested prudently, in accordance with College policies, so that over time the endowment's buying power is preserved;
  • Each year, a percentage of your endowment's market value is used to benefit what you designate in your gift use agreement;
  • Your endowment will be used for the purpose that you designate, consistent with College policies.

Endowments Support Diverse Purposes

The minimum amount to establish a named endowment fund is $25,000.

Types of endowments include:

  • Endowments to Enhance Student Excellence
    Scholarships help Reinhardt attract and retain high-ability students, student-athletes and students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend college.  Examples include merit scholarships, need-based scholarships and athletic or choral scholarships.
  • Endowments to Enhance Faculty/Staff Excellence
    These endowments enhance Reinhardt's ability to attract and retain the excellent faculty and staff who are at the core of the College's mission.  Examples include Endowed Chairs, Distinguished Professorships, Distinguished Lectureships and Research Funds.
  • Endowments to Enhance General Excellence
    These endowments allow funds to be applied to the College's highest priorities, as outlined in the strategic plan. They may be targeted at specific areas to the College to support key strategic priorities in that area.

If you are interested in making a gift to Reinhardt University's endowment, please contact Jon Baesman, Vice President for Advancement, at (770) 720-5545 or by email to jon@baesman@amandaromanielloblogs.com.

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After you login or if you were already logged in on your computer, you will see this in the top of the page:

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2. Shop as usual

3. Share with your friends

After you’ve successfully completed a purchase on Amazon Smile you can share the news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email. This option appears on the confirmation page after your order is complete.


Jon Baesman, Vice President for Advancement
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Reinhardt University
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Reinhardt University is committed to protecting your privacy therefore we will never engage in the selling of your personal information. Please refer to the Donor Bill of Rights天天色综合,天天干影视 for further details.