Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Stage Specifications

The Center's Flint Hall (thrust stage) measures 45 feet deep by 65 feet wide. It is accessible from center rear with access to all sides of the stage and to the loading dock area. The stage also has a set of double doors upstage on both sides and a single door downstage on both sides for access from either stage left or stage right. The dressing rooms are immediately adjacent to the stage left doors.

Maximum Seating Capacity: 350
Handicapped seating is available.
天天色综合,天天干影视 For viewing ease, the seating area is graded.



Console: ETC Express 24/48, firmware version 1.02

Light plot: Front and overhead white wash from a mixture of ETC SourceFour lekos and pars located on one (1) flown upstage electric, one (1) flown downstage electric, and one (1) FOH cove accessible via ladder/catwalk. Capable of basic color washes accomplished by eight (8) ETC Salador units addressed in four (4) groups of two (2). One (1) stage right and one (1) stage left stage pin at stage level on same Current light plot available upon request at

天天色综合,天天干影视DMX connections: DMX address. DMX connection and edison power available on FOH catwalk cove. No DMX connection at stage level. ETC RFU connections in backstage crossover hallway and at FOH catwalk/cove.


天天色综合,天天干影视Front-of-House Console: Midas M32

Monitor Console: Behringer X32 (Connected to FOH via AES50)

Main Speakers: Two (2) Permanently-flown OAP Q-2500 SP units; Two (2) additional gound-based RCF Evox 12 units when needed

Monitor Speakers: Four (4) passive JBL MP 412 units; four (4) active JBL EON 15 units; two (2) passive Yamaha SM15V units

天天色综合,天天干影视Monitor Mixes (When mixed from FOH): Four speakON-driven, bi-amped monitor mixes; can configure up to 8 monitor mixes when mixed from FOH.

Monitor Mixes (When mixed from monitor console): 16 mixes; compatible with AES50 or P16 personal monitors such as the Behringer P16 system (not provided by venue).

天天色综合,天天干影视Mic-level Inputs: Twelve (12) inputs in down stage left wall panel; twelve (12) inputs in down stage right wall panel; Four (4) inputs in down stage right floor pockets; Four (4) inputs on stage lip, down center stage.


LCD projector fed from balcony-level control booth with upstage, mechanically-operated rolldown screen. No connection to projector from stage.


Four (4) 8x3 6 inch risers

Four (4) 8x3 16 inch risers

Four (4) 8x3 24 inch risers


天天色综合,天天干影视The Center has two private dressing rooms plus a large women's and a large men's dressing rooms.  The large dressing rooms include restrooms, while each private dressing room includes a full bath with a tub-shower.

Additional Performance and Event Spaces

天天色综合,天天干影视In addition to the Flint Hall, the Falany Performing Arts Center makes use of the Ken White Atrium for smaller events. Additional, a new black box theatre space is projected to open the spring of 2018. This will provide a creative and multiuse space for students in the theatre and music theatre programs.

Other Available Amenities

Iron, ironing board and wardrobe racks.

Floyd A. and Fay W. Falany Performing Arts Center
7300 Reinhardt Circle Waleska, GA 30183-2981
Box Office: 770.720.9167 • Fax: 770.720.5602