OML/PSL Bachelor of Arts

Business - Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership (OML) - Public Safety Leadership (PSL) Option

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership - Public Safety Leadership Option (PSL) is designed to meet the national demand for trained professionals. Reinhardt, a member of the national Homeland Security Educational Consortium Assn., offers the PSL as the standard for first responders in law enforcement, fire fighting, homeland security and emergency management who want to develop the skills and knowledge to meet marketplace demands. The PSL degree underscores the unique programming of the University's Public Safety Institute and its membership in the Homeland Security Educational Consortium Association.

What You Can Do With This Degree

天天色综合,天天干影视Public Safety is one of the fastest growing career fields in the United States, not only because of criminal activity, but also due to the presence of domestic and international threats to our nation. We now live in a world that demands public safety leaders who have the knowledge and skills to provide leadership that can effectively deal with complex, multidimensional safety and security issues.

天天色综合,天天干影视This degree will provide a strong foundation for graduate work in public administration and other social sciences.

Admissions Requirements:

1. Minimum 2 years full or part-time equivalent work experience.

2. Minimum 60 semester credit hours of transfer credit from a regionally accredited institution, professionally recognized college or university, or a combination of college credit and credit earned through national testing programs. A maximum of 72 credit hours can transfer into this program.

3. A cumulative GPA 2.5 of all attempted collegiate work. An applicant that does not meet the requirement may be admitted on a probationary basis for one semester.

4. English, Math and Communications coursework with a grade of C or better.

天天色综合,天天干影视5. Official transcripts from all institutions attended are required for admission.

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management and Leadership (OML) - Public Safety Leadership Option (PSL)

Courses Total Credits Required
Education Entrance Competencies 72
   English 6
   Communications 3
   Math 102 College Algebra or higher 3
   Science 3
   Social Science 6
   Humanities 6
   General Education Electives from any of the above categories 12
   Computer Applications 3
   Free Electives 30
Major Courses 52
   OML 300 Applied Research Methods in Managerial Leadership 4
   OML 310 Foundations of Managerial Leadership Behavior 4
   OML 320 Personal and Organizational Communication 4
   OML 330  Human Resource Management and Leadership 4
   OML 350  Strategic Marketing Leadership 4
   OML 360  Organization Behavior Leadership Issues 4
   OML 400  Non-Profit Organization Management and Leadership 4
   OML 410  Leadership Issues in Public and Community Relations 4
   OML 430  Economic Issues for Managerial Leaders 4
   OML 440  Special Topics in Business Organization Management and Leadership 4
   OML 450 Accounting & Financial Issues for Non-Accounting/Financial Managerial Leaders 4
   OML 460 Ethics, Values, and the Law 4
   OML 470 Special Topics in Public Safety Leadership 4
Total Semester Hours Required in Degree 124

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