Study Abroad in Japan

Reinhardt University invites YOU to Discover Urban Environments and Culture in Japan


KyotoAre you a student at Reinhardt University?  If so, please consider joining us for a once in a lifetime adventure to JAPAN!天天色综合,天天干影视   In May 2020, we’re heading on an 11-day journey to The Land of the Rising Sun.

We are partnering again with EF (Education First) Tours. Our groups have already gone to Ecuador, Greece, Ireland and Great Britain with EF, and this new trip promises to maintain the same high standards.

天天色综合,天天干影视What’s included?  Air travel (from Atlanta), hotels, most meals, a 24/7 bilingual tour director, comfortable motor coach, entrance to all events and local expert guides.

Participants will register for 12 credits of coursework at Reinhardt University and pay tuition for those courses. These courses will meet from May through July 2020.

For NO EXTRA FEES BEYOND TUITION, students will receive an 11-day trip to Japan in May as part of the course.

天天色综合,天天干影视Qualifying students may use HOPE, GTEG and student loans to lower the tuition expenses. Summer 2020 tuition could be around $9,300.  At this point, it is difficult to know the amounts of the 2020 HOPE scholarship, or the GTE Georgia Grants. Those may change by Summer 2020, depending on the Legislature.

Tuition covers airfare, accommodations, ground transportation, and most meals. It does not include all meals nor does it cover passport fees or personal expenditures. Lunch and dinner expenses for frugal travelers are estimated at $35-45 per day (snacks and extra beverages not included).

Classes will meet in May 2020 between RU’s graduation and our travel departure date. After returning from Japan, we may meet a few times over the coming weeks and will continue to read books, watch films, do individual and group research projects and presentations, and write final papers, which will be due the end of July.

天天色综合,天天干影视Academic credit will be granted in Psychology, History, Ethics, Business, Cultural Diversity, and courses may fulfill global studies course requirements as well as general elective hours. Depending upon a student’s major, they might fulfill some major requirements as well. Each student will receive academic advisement on an individual basis about how the courses can best be applied to his or her plan of study.

天天色综合,天天干影视These classes will also go toward the completion of the International Relations minor. Students will complete one other course in addition to the trip and will be awarded the minor.


  • Diverse People: Japan (SSC 495)
  • Environmental Psychology (PSY 370)
  • US Japanese History and Politics (HIS or POL 298/498)
  • Far East Philosophy/Ethics (PHI 204 or PHI 298)
  • International Business (BUS 407)

Students must register for four classes. Most will register for the courses listed above. If you have already taken some or all of  these courses, we can discuss an appropriate directed study or substitute courses.

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own passports. Please contact your local post office or country courthouse.

Reinhardt Students, to enroll just go to:

Tour # 2224165MW

Group Leader is:  Elizabeth Smith

天天色综合,天天干影视There will be a $100 deposit required at Reinhardt Business Office. This will be credited to your tuition for summer 2020

For purposes of this trip, all students will abide by all the rules and requirements as set forth in the student  handbook of Reinhardt University in terms of behavior and interactions.

Our Adventure Plan

Day 1: Fly overnight to Japan

Day 2: Osaka - Meet your Tour Director at the airport  ….. Enjoy dinner in Osaka

Day 3: Osaka • Hiroshima - Travel via Himeji Castle to Hiroshima

  • Visit Himeji Castle  ……  Enjoy dinner in Hiroshima

Day 4: Hiroshima • Kyoto - Take an excursion to Miyajima Park

  • Visit Itsukushima Shrine
  • Tour Hiroshima with an expert local guide and visit the Peace Memorial Park and Museum
  • Travel by bullet train to Kyoto  …..  Enjoy dinner in Kyoto

Day 5: Kyoto - 天天色综合,天天干影视Tour Kyoto with an expert local guide

  • Visit Nijo Castle  …..  Visit the Gold Pavilion
  • Visit Inari Taisha Shrine
  • See a Kimono Show at the Nishijin Textile Center
  • Enjoy dinner in Kyoto

Day 6: Kyoto - Tour the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove with your Tour Director

Day 7: Kyoto • Hakone–Atami area - Travel by bullet train to Hakone

  • Stop to snap a photo outside of Odawara Castle
  • Visit Hakone National Park   ……  Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Ashi
  • Ride a cable car up Mount Komagatake  …..  Enjoy a traditional dinner in Hakone

Day 8: Hakone–Atami area • Kamakura • Tokyo - 天天色综合,天天干影视Travel via Kamakura to Tokyo  …..  Visit the Hachimangu Shrine

Spend time exploring Kamakura on your own

See the Great Buddha of Kamakura  …..  Enjoy dinner in Tokyo

Day 9: Tokyo - 天天色综合,天天干影视Visit the Asakusa Kannon Temple

  • Take a guided tour of Tokyo and with your expert local guide you will see:
    • Harajuku shopping district
    • Shibuya district
    • Shinjuku district
  • Visit the Meiji Shrine  …..  See the Imperial Plaza and Metropolitan Government Building
  • Spend time exploring Akihabara on your own
  • Enjoy free time for lunch in the Harajuku area  …..  Enjoy dinner in Tokyo

Day 10: Tokyo - 天天色综合,天天干影视Take a walking tour of Shibuya

  • Spend a half day exploring Tokyo on your own
  • Participate in a culturally-immersive activity such as:
    • Meeting Japanese students
    • Taking an origami class

Day 11: Depart for home

This promises to be the trip of a lifetime and you are invited to share it with members of the Reinhardt community. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Elizabeth Smith at 770-720-9103 or